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Fields of Activities

Development Association NERDA is registered with the BiH Ministry of Justice pursuant to the law on Associations and Foundations of BiH. According to the Statute of NERDA, the programming goals of the Association are: stimulating the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and creating pre-conditions for the EU integration.

Objectives, tasks and activities of the Association are as follows:

  •  1. Participation in implementation of the process of strategic management of BiH development;
  • 2. Finding balance between development measures and potentials;
  • 3. Participation in the creation of conditions for development, economic growth and strengthening of competitiveness;
  • 4. Engagement in creating the tools of economic development;
  • 5. Engagement in identification and implementation of development projects;
  • 6. Establishing partnership between public and private sector (PPP), mobilization of actors and capacities of BiH, raising the awareness and change of mindsets;
  • 7. Enabling the citizens to participate in the process of strategic management of development;
  • 8. Supporting local initiatives that improve employment, private initiative and entrepreneurship, providing support to development of small and medium enterprises;
  • 9. Involvement in human resources development within BiH;
  • 10. Involvement in economic cooperation with other European regions;
  • 11. Promotion of investment opportunities in BiH and participation in improvement of business relations between BiH and other European countries;
  • 12. Support to economy, development of SMEs and entrepreneurs in BiH, particularly by means of issuing guarantees that will enable businesses to access financial funds with banks and micro-credit organizations.


NERDA acts as a Regional Development Agency in the territory of North-East BiH, while in trans-national and cross-border projects with neighboring countries, NERDA has the role of leader in development projects for the territory of entire BiH.

The goals and activities of NERDA are realized through identification of project initiatives along with partners and by implementation of projects whose funding is ensured through international donor organization and BiH organizations, or by providing services to clients.

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