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Credit Guarantee Fund of the Development Association NERDA in cooperation with ASA BANK


The credit guarantee fund of the Association for the Development NERDA in Tuzla is a financial instrument that makes it easier for entrepreneurs from the area of Tuzla Canton to secure financial resources from external sources and through the issuance of guarantees for loans that entrepreneurs seek to improve their business activities.

Credit users

Small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed entrepreneurs who are based in the economic region of Northeastern BiH and need financing for the following purposes:

- Qualified services
- Craftsmanship
- Activities related to export or import substitution
- Innovative activities and high tech

Loans are not approved for:

- The store
- Investment in casinos and games of chance

Advantages for users of loans from the Cerdit Guarantee Fund

- Favorable loans to achieve business competitiveness,
- Free technical support in the preparation of the necessary documentation for applying for loans,
- Facilitated, fast and efficient procedures for the realization of loan funds,
- Possibility of reapplying

Loan ammounts


From 5.000,00 KM to 200.000,00 KM

Loan repay period


Up to 5 years (60 months) with possible grace period up to 6 months


Contact person:

Jasenko Omerćehajić
Guarantee Fund Manager

Telefon: +387 35 369 909
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