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Steering Committee and Study Visit (Szombathely 14-15 June 2022)


06/29/2022 12:12
To discuss the status of the work packages and the upcoming activities for the last period of the
project. NERDA project team participated at the Steering Committee (SCOM) meeting, held in
Szombathely, (Hungary) on 14th June 2022. Pannon Business Network Association (PBN)
hosted the (SCOM) meeting along with a study visit which is connected with implementation of
the Local Action Plan.
The study visit to city of Kőszeg included introduction with the main LAP deliverables related to
Refurbishing heritage & historical buildings. As part of their first action, a mobile application will
be developed in the city of Kőszeg to present the creative ways of using the heritage site in Vas
County. The application includes 5 historical buildings which were refurbished by iASK– Institut
of Advanced Studies Kőszeg in the framework of the KRAFT program. During the study visit
partners visited the places, which are included in the application, and they could also see one of
the Augmented Reality (AR) elements, which are already done in the test version of the
On 15th June, partners participated to an interactive training session in PBN’s digital innovation
hub – am-LAB. Participants were introuduced with the background on establishment of the am-
LAB and with 4 major sectors existing within the hub, including:
- Augmentative Reality (AR) applications
- Creation of business animation with Computer-generated imagery (CGI) technology
- 3D printing
- Teaching & learning factory
The last part of the training was a visit to PBN’s new demonstration and test environment –
at.home – in the field of healthcare. More than 50 digital solutions are listed in the showroom.
Partners got to see practical and modern solutions in a thematic and interactive way.
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