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06/02/2022 14:01
To promote the concept and the opportunities of the CCI sector but also to encourage dialogue among the stakeholders on the importance of including/considering the CCI within the major strategic and operational planning documents, Development Association NERDA organized the Urban Innovation Management Training, which was held in Tuzla on May 31, 2022. The event was held in a hybrid format with majority of the participants being present in the conference room (face-face). It gathered 15 representatives of the local authorities and public institutions including City Department for Urban Planning, Department for Regional Development and Planning, Department for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship as well as the Cantonal Ministry for Culture and Youth, City Theatre, Cultural Center and the HER institutions: Faculty for Economics and Faculty for Electric Engineering. Project partners from Romania, Croatia and Ukraine participated at the event in an online format.
Through the interactive discussion and presentation held by the lead trainer, prof.dr. Bahrija Umihanić from Tuzla Faculty of Economics, participants were able to raise their knowledge and skills in topics of:
- Major enablers and results of the urban governance
- Role of creativity in urban development
- Efficient deployment of innovative technologies in sustainable development of creative industry
- Inclusive strategic planning process
- Mobilization of relevant actors in development of sustainable partnerships and SMART cities

Two case studies were presented and discussed during the training, one of the Business Innovation and Technology Centre Tuzla, public institution founded by the City Authorities, which evolved into the leading incubator for young entrepreneurs/start-ups specialized in IT sector and the other from the Innovation Centre Banja Luka as one of the pioneers in development of digital hubs in B&H.
The Training resulted with several recommendations focused on the stronger promotion of the CCI sector among the decision makers focusing on the benefits it brings to development of local communities.
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