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06.04.2018 - Certificates awarded to unemployed persons in Orašje

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As part of the project "Employment Partnership in Posavina" funded by the European Union under the "Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina" Program, implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Certificates Award Ceremony was hosted in the Secondary Vocational School in Orašje. The Certificates were awarded to the unemployed persons who have attended vocational training programs in the past months. Namely, for the needs of known employers, unemployed persons attended vocational training for the following vocations: CNC operator, carpenter, and butcher. Three training programs were attended by 39 unemployed persons from Posavina County. The most successful candidates will get a chance to become employed, and 11 of them have already started working.

02.04.2018 - Meeting with Tuzla Canton Minister of Economy

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In order to strengthen financial support for small and medium enterprises in the territory of Tuzla Canton, the Director of NERDA and the Coordinator of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs visited the Ministry of Economy of the Tuzla Canton today. In addition to the activities carried out in the past period, the topic of today's meeting was the plan of future cooperation between the institutions and the strengthening of the NERDA Guarantee Fund. On this occasion, it was emphasised that the Guarantee Fund for 10 years of its existence in cooperation with the Government of Tuzla Canton has provided support to businesses from the Tuzla Canton. The Guarantee Fund provides incentives to SMEs for their development and creation of jobs.

30.03.2018 - Conference "Social Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation in Public Enterprises and Institutions in the City of Tuzla"

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Within the "Increasing the articipation of citizens in the evaluation and monitoring of the public enterprises in the City of Tuzla" - Urban Partnership Program II financed by the World Bank and the Austrian Government, a final conference was held presenting the report that was the result of previous activities and analysis of evaluation and monitoring of the work of public enterprises and institutions in the city of Tuzla. Some recommendations for improving the work as well as comments and suggestions of the representatives of public enterprises and institutions were given. The conference was organized by the project partners: City of Tuzla, Association for Research and Social Innovation ADT and Development Association NERDA.

20.03.2018 - The Management Board of NERDA held a regular session

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The Management Board of the Development Association NERDA held its 60th regular session today in Tuzla. The Board acted in full capacity and was informed of the activities that were realised in the period between the two Board sessions. Also, the Management Board adopted the Report on Activities and Financial Report of the Development Association NERDA for the previous year.

09.03.2018 - Presentation for Entrepreneurs from Lukavac

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Presentation of the NERDA Guarantee Fund was held today at the Lukavac Municipality premises. The presentation was jointly organized by the Municipality of Lukavac, the Association of Employers Lukavac, NERDA and the BOSPER Association, which also presented their examples of good practice in the field of support to the development of agriculture. The Guarantee Fund and its potentials were presented in detail, and discussions were also held with the Mayor of Municipality of Lukavac and his associates on the possibility of subsidizing the interest rate for entrepreneurs from Lukavac.

06.03.2018 - Delegation from Montenegro visited NERDA

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In the scope of NERDA's EU-funded Project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina"supported by the International Labor Organization, NERDA hosted the delegation from Montenegro today in Orašje. The delegation was headed by Mrs. Edina Dešić, Assistant Minister for Labor and Employment and General Director of the Directorate of Labor Market and Employment of the Republic of Montenegro. It was an opportunity for Montenegrin guests to learn of our project and the results achieved so far, and to exchange experiences in the area of interventions in the labor market. In addition to the meeting with the project team, the delegation visited the Vocational Secondary School and had a meeting with the Mayor of Orašje Municipality.

07.02.2018 - Financial Aduit of the "Partnership for Employment in Posavina (LEP)" Project

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The "Partnership for Employment in Posavina (LEP)" Project is implemented by NERDA and partners with the financial support of the European Union through the Programme „Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina“ implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO). The Project was subject to financial audit today, which was carried out by independent external international auditors, which resulted in compliments for the work of NERDA as the auditors had no findings nor recommendations. This is another confirmations of NERDA's quality and success in management of EU-funded projects.

26.01.2018 - Third meeting of the Project Team - LEP Posavina

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The third meeting of the project team implementing the project "Employment Partnership in Posavina", funded by the European Union, took place in Orašje on 26 January 2018. At the meeting the team was informed of the project activities implemented in the period between the two meetings, specifically related to the implementation of Vocational Training Programs, delivery of the CNC Machine and other related matters. Also, the Team agreed on preparing for the development of the Labour Market Analysis that will be carried out in the upcoming period.

26.12.2017 - The "Promotion of Tourism in Tuzla through the Renewal of the Archaeological Park" Project Started

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The first working meeting with the representative of JKP Pannonica Ltd Tuzla was held today in NERDA premises on the occasion of the beginning of "Promotion of Tourism in Tuzla through the Renewal of the Archaeological Park" project realization. NERDA implements this project under the Regional Programme on Local Democracy in the Western Balkans (ReLOaD), (ReLOaD), which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Also, a press conference was held after the meeting.

19.12.2017 - CNC Machine delivered to the Orašje Secondary Vocational School within the EU-funded Project

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The CNC machine was delivered to Orašje Secondary Vocational School today, as part of the EU project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina", implemented by NERDA with its partners in the area of the Municipality of Orašje and Posavina. Namely, the CNC machine was purchased within the Project in order to build the School capacities and improve the performance of teaching in the program of vocational training of CNC operators in the Orašje Secondary School. The procurement of the CNC machine raises the quality of teaching not only for unemployed persons who participate in the vocational training program within this EU-funded project, but also for further activities of the School and the implementation of a regular curriculum.

15.12.2017 - Third group of trainees completed "Project Cycle Management" Training

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The third training on the topic of "Project Cycle Management" was completed today in the premises of the Development Association NERDA in Tuzla. The training was organised by NERA in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of the Tuzla Canton. The three-day training delivered and managed by NERDA's employees with many years of experience in project preparation and implementation was attended by representatives of public enterprises and other businesses from the Tuzla Canton area. A group of 14 participants had the opportunity to learn about the basics of the methodology through group work and practical examples, thus enhancing their knowledge and skills to work on future project proposals.

29.11.2017 - PCM Training for Tuzla Canton Ministries completed today

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The three-day training on "Project Cycle Management" was completed earlier today in NERDA premises in Tuzla. The training was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton. A group of 15 trainees was awarded with certificates of attendance. This will be followed by another cycle of training for public enterprises from Tuzla Canton.

27.11.2017 - PCM Training for Tuzla Canton Ministries

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A three-day training on the topic "Project Cycle Management" started in Tuzla today. The training is jointly organized by the Development Association NERDA and the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of the Tuzla Canton. The trainees are employees of the Tuzla Canton Ministries and of the Tuzla Canton Pedagogy Institute, with the aim of raising the capacities of cantonal government bodies for the preparation of quality project proposals. Training conducted by trainers from NERDA continues in the next two days.

22.11.2017 - Workshop "Monitoring and Evaluation" for Public Companies and Institutions of the City of Tuzla held in Tuzla

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The workshop „Monitoring and Evaluation“, which was organized by the City of Tuzla, Association for Research and Social Innovation - ADT, World Bank and Development Association NERDA was held today in Tuzla. Preliminary results of the conducted survey on monitoring and evaluation practices in public services and the work of public enterprises and institutions of the City of Tuzla were presented during the workshops, as well as mechanisms of social accountability.

17.11.2017 - Signing of contracts with trainees

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Trainees attending the three Vocational Training Programs signed contracts today in the premises of the Vocational Secondary School in Orašje. This activity was organised as part of the EU-funded project "Employment Partnership in Posavina". Namely, this week marked the beginning of three Vocational Training Programs for the following vocations:carpenter, butcher, and CNC operator. Approximately 30 students signed contracts today, and after the completion of the training, they will get a chance to work in partner companies that are members of the Local Partnership for Employment in Orašje.

15.11.2017 - Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship TC organized a free seminar on the introduction of BS 16001: 2009 and ISO 50001: 2011 standards for Energy Management Systems

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Development Association NERDA, Mrs. Biljana Smajić, Project Manager held a seminar on ways of introducing standards for energy management systems, BS 16001: 2009 and ISO 50001: 2011. The seminar was held on November 15, 2017 at the premises of the Chamber of Economy of Tuzla Canton from 12.00 to 14.00. Mr. Nihad Akeljić presented the experience of introducing standards in the company Sisecam soda d.o.o. Lukavac. The seminar was attended by representatives of small and medium enterprises and craftsmen.

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