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13.12.2019 - REPCONS Project Conference "Integration of Variable RES in the Western Balkan Power System"

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Development Association NERDA, together with partner organizations from Serbia and Montenegro, is implementing the Project "Platform for Expert Dialogue on Regional Renewable Energy Policies" - REPCONS, supported by the European Climate Foundation ( . The aim of the project is multiple, and above all it concerns defining priorities for energy policies in the countries of the region and establishing a dialogue of experts with the aim of supporting the development of RES policies. On 12 December 2019. as part of this Project, NERDA hosted the conference entitled "Integration of Variable RES in the Western Balkan Power System" in Sarajevo with the participation of over 40 representatives of the expert community and relevant stakeholders in the field of energy. The conference presented preliminary results of the first round of research carried out under the REPCONS project, from which it follows that the development of renewable energy sources will be substantially based on the construction of photovoltaic power plants and wind power plants. As these electricity sources are intermittent and variable in nature, their integration into the EES requires a change in the operational management of the system and organization of the electricity market. As Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the initial phase of market development, this represents an opportunity to adapt the market design to the requirements of integration of these variable energy sources, which was discussed at the conference with the experts present.

03.10.2019 - Visit to Moldova within the Danube S3 Cluster project

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Representatives of Develepment Association NERDA, as one of the parners on the Project, participated at the Mid Term Conference of the project, the 3rd Entrepreneurial Discovery Focus Group and 3rd Steering Commitee of the project on 1st and 2nd of October, 2019, organized by the Moldovan Technology Transfer Network within Danube S3 Cluster in Chișinau, Moldova, Mid Term conference of the project took place on October 1st – Cluster support for digital transformation in Agro Food Sector and 3rd Steering Committee of the project. The event was held at the headquarters of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova and was attended by a large audience among which was the Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of the Republic of Moldova as well as the representative of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova. 3rd Focus Group of Entrepreneurial Discovery on the topic of Open Innovation in Clusters was organized on October 3rd. This event was attended by about 50 people, partners in the project, as well as representatives of the business environment, the academic and research environment and representatives of local public authorities. Focus groups enabled participants to learn from each other in a transnational process, sharing knowledge and good practices with Western regions in the Eastern Regions, creating an innovation ecosystem in which the academic environment and the business environment work together, in coordination with regional authorities and civil society, to transform knowledge into innovative products, services and skills. The transnational approach of smart specialization focuses on the "entrepreneurial discovery process", on market opportunities through cooperation within the cluster and the development of innovative technologies. The event, organized for the elaboration of the Danube S3 Cluster Strategy, followed the methodology developed by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commi

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