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29.11.2017 - PCM Training for Tuzla Canton Ministries completed today

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The three-day training on "Project Cycle Management" was completed earlier today in NERDA premises in Tuzla. The training was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of Tuzla Canton. A group of 15 trainees was awarded with certificates of attendance. This will be followed by another cycle of training for public enterprises from Tuzla Canton.

27.11.2017 - PCM Training for Tuzla Canton Ministries

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A three-day training on the topic "Project Cycle Management" started in Tuzla today. The training is jointly organized by the Development Association NERDA and the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship of the Tuzla Canton. The trainees are employees of the Tuzla Canton Ministries and of the Tuzla Canton Pedagogy Institute, with the aim of raising the capacities of cantonal government bodies for the preparation of quality project proposals. Training conducted by trainers from NERDA continues in the next two days.

22.11.2017 - Workshop "Monitoring and Evaluation" for Public Companies and Institutions of the City of Tuzla held in Tuzla

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The workshop „Monitoring and Evaluation“, which was organized by the City of Tuzla, Association for Research and Social Innovation - ADT, World Bank and Development Association NERDA was held today in Tuzla. Preliminary results of the conducted survey on monitoring and evaluation practices in public services and the work of public enterprises and institutions of the City of Tuzla were presented during the workshops, as well as mechanisms of social accountability.

17.11.2017 - Signing of contracts with trainees

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Trainees attending the three Vocational Training Programs signed contracts today in the premises of the Vocational Secondary School in Orašje. This activity was organised as part of the EU-funded project "Employment Partnership in Posavina". Namely, this week marked the beginning of three Vocational Training Programs for the following vocations:carpenter, butcher, and CNC operator. Approximately 30 students signed contracts today, and after the completion of the training, they will get a chance to work in partner companies that are members of the Local Partnership for Employment in Orašje.

15.11.2017 - Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship TC organized a free seminar on the introduction of BS 16001: 2009 and ISO 50001: 2011 standards for Energy Management Systems

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Development Association NERDA, Mrs. Biljana Smajić, Project Manager held a seminar on ways of introducing standards for energy management systems, BS 16001: 2009 and ISO 50001: 2011. The seminar was held on November 15, 2017 at the premises of the Chamber of Economy of Tuzla Canton from 12.00 to 14.00. Mr. Nihad Akeljić presented the experience of introducing standards in the company Sisecam soda d.o.o. Lukavac. The seminar was attended by representatives of small and medium enterprises and craftsmen.

17.10.2017 - Meeting of Project Team and Evaluation Committee for the Public Call

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The second meeting of the project team implementing the project "Employment Partnership in Posavina", funded by the European Union, took place in Orašje on 17 October 2017. At the meeting the team was informed of the project activities, specifically related to the Public Call for Participation in Vocational Training Programs. At the same time, a Meeting of the Evaluation Committee for evaluation of applications received under the Public Call. The Committee received a total of 51 applications for 3 professions. Evaluation is still ongoing.

02.10.2017 - Call for Proposals launched - IPA CBC SRB-BiH

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The 1st Call for Proposals within the IPA Programme CBC Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020 was launched today, 02 October 2017. The Call aims at improving sustainable environmental planning and promotion of biodiversity, and strengthening the cultural identity of the programme area. Activities financed within the Call can be implemented only in the programme area, while the projects shall be financed from the budget for Cross-border Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina within IPA 2014, 2015, and 2016. The Kick-off conference will take place in Bijeljina tomorrow, more at:

02.10.2017 - Info Day in Orašje

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With the aim of further promotion of the Public Call for Unemployed, the Info Day was organized in Orašje today as part of the project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina (LPZ)" funded by the European Union. Since the Public Invitation for Unemployed in Posavina is still open, the Info Day was organized for the coordinators of the local communities from the three Municipalities of the Posavina Canton, as well as for women's associations from Posavina. The participants were presented with the conditions of the Call and promotional material was disseminated in order to animate the target group of the Call to apply. The Public Call is open until October 12, 2017.

20.09.2017 - NERDA took part in BFC Verification of Zenica City

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On September 20, 2017 a representative of NERDA, Verifier of the Network for Business Friendly Environment of the FBiH in the Regional BFC SEE Program, acted as the Chairperson of the Verification Commission convened for the City Administration of Zenica. As the City of Zenica fulfilled the conditions for a verification visit, the representative of the Network for Business Friendly Environment of FBiH, together with the representatives of the Network from Serbia and Croatia, held talks with the Mayor, BFC Team, the Economic Council, representatives of the City Council and the Public Utilities Enterprises, as well as businessmen with the aim of gaining insight into the degree of success of the City Administration in fulfilling the requirements of the BFC Standard.

14.09.2017 - Presentation and Training for Employment Services

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A presentation and training for the managers of the three Municipal Employment Services acting within the structure of the Posavina Canton Employment Service, took part in Orašje today. The presentation was attended by managers of three Employment Services: Orašje, Odžak and Domaljevac-Šamac, and it was organized on the occasion of publishing the Public Call for Unemployed to apply for participation in vocational training programs. The call was announced as part of the project "Employment Partnership in Posavina (LPZ)" funded by the European Union.

08.09.2017 - The Committee for preparation of Public Call held a meeting today

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The Committee for preparation of the Public Call for the unemployed persons to apply for the Programs of vocational training held a meeting in Orašje today. Representatives of institutions implementing the EU-funded Project „Partnership for Employment in Posavina“ defined the Public call content on the basis of experience, data collected from future employers, and on curricula. The objective of the Vocational Training Programs is to have the unemployed persons gain the knowledge and skills need to get jobs, while the project plan is to have 30 persons trained for carpenter, 30 trained for butcher and 5 trained for CNC operator. The Call will be published in media next week.

30.08.2017 - Kick-off conference for the Project “Partnership for Employment in Posavina” held in Orašje today

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The kick-off conference for the Project “Partnership for Employment in Posavina” took place in Orašje today. Th Project is funded by the European Union through the Program “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH”, implemented by the International Labor Organization. The implementing agency for this Project is NERDA, while the partners are: Orašje Municipality, Employment Service of Posavina County, Secondary Vocational School Orašje and companies: NEXUS BH, SKELE COMERC and PRIMA VIP. The public was presented with the project and the results expected t be achieved over the upcoming 14 months, namely: creation of 30 new jobs and professional training of min. 40 unemployed persons for the vocational titles of: carpenter, CNC operator and butcher. Over 50 actors on the labor market attended the today's conference.

18.08.2017 - Opportunity for BiH businesses - Public Call under the "Diaspora for Development" Project

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As of early August 2017 the Public Call for Proposals for Companies from BIH to Apply for Grants Facilitating the Knowledge and Skills Transfer from Diaspora within the Diaspora for Development (D4D) Project has been opened. The Call for Proposals is to support projects aimed to contribute to the introduction of new technologies, improving of competitiveness, market growth, business expansion, investment increase in BIH and generating new jobs, all through productive business relations with diaspora. The Public Call remains open until all funds are disbursed and more details and application package are available at

17.08.2017 - Continuation of Cooperation with the Tuzla Canton Government

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Joint activities that were realized as well as the future cooperation were discussed today in a meeting that the Prime Minister of Tuzla Canton, Mr. Bego Gutić and Minister of Development and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Osman Puškar, held with representatives of NERDA. The Prime Minister pointed out that NERDA is one of the few NGOs that has been kept within the Tuzla Canton Budget thanks to NERDA's activities in support to entrepreneurs and improvement of business-friendly environment. NERD Director thanked the Prime Minister for the positive evaluation of the cooperation with NERDA and suggested additional opportunities for expanding and improving the cooperation in future.

14.07.2017 - Partnership for Employment in Posavina - 1st Project Team Meeting

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In the frame of the EU-funded Project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina", the Project Team held the first meeting in Orašje today. The implementation of the project started on 19 June 2017 and will last 14 months. The total value of the project is 171.120,82 EUR, of which the EU grant is 153.909,82 EUR or 89,94%. The project is implemented within the EU Project realized by the International Labour Organization. The main applicant of the project is NERDA, while the partners are: Orašje Municipality, Posavina Canton Employment Service, Secondary Vocational School Orašje, and companies: NEXUS BH, SKELE COMERC i PRIMA VIP. The Project Team was officially formed today and the team updated te Project Action Plan and agreed on the dynamics and communication in the project.

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