Services for small and medium enterprises

Development Association NERDA is dedicated to economic development and as such it implements various projects whose main focus is assistance to small and medium enterprises and to local governments. Additionally, NERDA provides a variety of services to its clients and other interested parties.


Over the past period NERDA staff members had the opportunity to deliver numerous trainings for various groups of trainees and with a variety of training topics. All trainings have been realized on the basis of agreement with the party ordering the training and in reference to the needs of the target groups.


Some of the business development trainings are:

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Commercial Profitability of Business Investments
  • Marketing Planning
  • Market Research
  • Development of Company's Competitiveness
  • The contents of the trainings are interactive with the use of practical examples and work on concrete cases, while the duration of training is adjusted to the trainees and goals that the party ordering the training wishes to achieve.

    The training aimed at capacity building for absorption of European funds and of other donor funds under the title„Project Cycle Management (PCM)“. includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to all phases of Project Cycle Management
  • Elements and content of Logical Framework
  • Timeline/Action Plan
  • Budgeting
  • The training is designed in such a way to provide the trainees with theoretical introduction as well as practical work on concrete project ideas through group work and under the guidance and mentoring of skilled and experienced trainers. The training is organized to last 3 or 4 days, depending of the agreement with the party ordering the training.

    In addition to educational services and training, NERDA offers other services such as:

  • Development of analyses and studies
  • Organization of various business events
  • Professional training and re-training in cooperation with relevant institutions
  • Organization of B2B events
  • Liaison with potential partners in country and abroad
  • Support in strategic planning processes
  • Support in attracting foreign investments
  • Technical assistance in preparing tenders and application for Calls for Proposals
  • Guarante Fund for SMEs

    Support for SMEs

    Training and Consultations

    Support for SMEs

    Training and Consultations


    Development Association NERDA is a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development.


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