Through projects and activities of the Association, NERDA has prepared and published a series of useful brochures, studies, analyses, leaflets and other materials that have mainly been focused on the area of entrepreneurship and priority industrial sectors, but also on the area of environment protections, the use of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, etc.

New and Recent publications

Urban Partnership Programme II

Increasing Citizen Engagement in Evaluation and Monitoring Project of Public Companies in the City of Tuzla (pdf 4547kb)

NERDA Reference List

Lista referenci (pdf 768kb)

BESt4SMEs Project

Vodič za registrovanje poslovne djelatnosti - (pdf 2771 kb)
Poslovni inkubatori kao poticajni faktori razvoja poduzetnistva - prakticni vodic - (pdf 3906 kb)

ID:WOOD Project

Tematski Dosije br. 1 - Namještaj (pdf 779 kb)
Tematski Dosije br. 2 - Pilane (pdf 1700 kb)
Tematski Dosije br. 3 - Klasteri (pdf 823 kb)
Tematski Dosije br. 4 - Građevinarstvo (pdf 2052 kb)
Tematski Dosije br. 5 - Transnacionalna podrška (pdf 1338 kb)

L84 Project

Izvještaj (pdf 768 kb)

SME Barometer

Business Barometer 2016 - Wood Processing Industry (pdf 864 kb)
Business Barometer 2016 - Plastic and Tools (pdf 770 kb)
Business Barometer 2016 - Food Processing Industry (pdf 785 kb)
Business Barometer 2016 - Metal Processing Industry (pdf 761 kb)
Business Barometer 2016 - NE B&H Summary (pdf 766 kb)

BHS Voucher Scheme

BHS Voucher Scheme - Info (MS Word 65 kb)
- Updated list of accredited, available BSPs ( MS Excel 86 kb)
- Application forms for Audits (AD1) (MS Word 174 kb)
- Consultancy Assignments (AD3I) (MS Word 177 kb)
- Training Courses (AD6) (MS Word 173 kb)




Photo Gallery




Photo Gallery

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