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The Renewable Energy Sources Festival for BiH High Schools 2015 (The RES Festival for BiH High Schools 2016)

General Objective

This Project is focused on organizing a RES Festival with a competition for students of BiH high schools, aimed to encourage students from different ethnic groups to learn about innovative technological solutions in the environment protection. Students and professors from diverse communities (FBiH, RS & BD) will present innovative works and thus enhance confidence-building.

Total Project Value:

15.878,30 $

Implementing Agency:

Development Association NERDA

Schools Participating in the Project:

1. Mixed High School of Electric Engineering Tuzla,
2. Secondary Vocational School Orašje,
3. Technical School of Brčko District BiH,
4. Mixed Secondary School Kalesija,
5. Technical School Centre Zvornik,
6. Secondary School Centre „Mihailo Petrović Alas“ Ugljevik

Project Activities:

A1. Establishing the Project Team and organizing Project Team meetings
A2. Organization of 6 joint workshops on topics related to:
(1) Renewable Energy Sources (RES),
(2) Energy Efficiency (EE),
(3) LED Technology and its application.
A3. Organization of a joint workshop for teachers-mentors. A4. Prepare and publish a public call for the competition of students of high schools
A5. Organization of the Renewable Energy Sources Festival for BiH High Schools
A6. Organization of the Evaluation Workshop
A7. Promotional activities

Project Duration:

April 2016 - April 2017


Current Projects

Implemented projects

Guarante Fund for SMEs

Support for SMEs

Training and Consultations

Business Environment Strengthening for more SMEs in Tuzla and Neighbouring Municipalities - BESt 4 SMEs

This project is funded by the European Union in the framework of IPA 2011 – Support to Local Economic Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Total project budget is 566.778.67 EUR out of which the Delegation of European Union to BiH is financing 85%, that is 481.761,00 EUR, while remaining 15% is co-funded by project partners. Project is implemented by Development Association NERDA (Coordinator) and its project partners are: Municipality of Tuzla, Municipality of Srebrenik, Municipality of Kalesija and BIT Centre Tuzla. Project duration: January 2014 – January 2016 (24 months).

Overall objective:

Improvement of business environment and enhancing employment possibilities through innovations in Tuzla and neighbouring municipalities.

Specific objectives (SO):

SO1: Upgrading business infrastructure in Tuzla, Srebrenik and Kalesija for SMEs and business start-ups in ICT and other sectors.
SO2: Increasing the level of business support services available for SMEs and business start-ups in Tuzla, Srebrenik and Kalesija.
SO3: Strengthening of local partnerships through collaboration in LED initiatives in Tuzla, Srebrenik and Kalesija

Expected results:

The project will result in strengthened cooperation at the local level to improve business environment for SMEs through better business infrastructure. Specifically, the project will improve business support services and will contribute to promotion of innovations and new technologies since the Project will result in establishing of two BSCs with incubators in Srebrenik and Kalesija and expansion of BIT Center in Tuzla.

Project: PROGRES – Protection of Nature and Globalisation of Renewable Energy Sources

More about the Project

Finansiran od strane EU kroz Program IPA II - Prekogranična saradnja BiH-HR
Funded by the EU through IPA II Programme - Cross-Border Cooperation BiH-HR Total value of the Project: 486.880,28 EUR
Budget of the BiH partners: 244.827,13 EUR,
EU grant amounts to 208.103,00 EUR or 85%
Lead Partner in the Project: Nijemci Municipality, HR
BiH applicant in the Project: Development Association NERDA
Partners in Project in BiH: Gračanica Municipality and Kalesija Municipality
Partners in Project in HR: Development Agency Hrast d.o.o., Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Ekosustav d.o.o.
Implementation Period: May 2013 – November 2014 (18 months)

General Objective:

By using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) contribute to environment protection and enhancing the life conditions through cooperation of two cross-border areas.

Specific Objectives:

SO 1: Increase the public awareness about importance of using RES in rural areas.
SO 2: Educate representatives of local self-governments, economic entities and farmers in rural cross-border areas in purpose of further inform about RES
SO 3: Encourage the energy independence of local self-governments in rural cross-border areas.

Expected Results:

Created Studies on potentials of using RES in both cross-border areas; increased knowledge and competences of target group on RES; equipped 4 public facilities in cross-border region as demonstration facilities.

Competitive Regional Economic Development in Krajina – CREDO Krajina

The implementation of „Competitive Regional Economic Development in Krajina – CREDO Krajina“ Project started on 21 February 2013. The Project is financed by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida, and implemented by Eda Agency from Banja Luka in partnership with Development Association NERDA.

The project aims to improve competitiveness of small and medium enterprises in the Krajina region, in order to create and sustain jobs, reduce poverty and improve the economic status of the area. The project should enable creation of 250 new jobs and keeping of 1000 jobs in the companies / sectors covered by the project interventions. Also, the project should facilitate vertical and horizontal coordination of policies directed towards small and medium enterprises in the project area. The project duration is 30 months.

Vocational Training and Employment of Blacksmiths, CNC Operators and Mechatronics for the Needs of UNIS TOK Llc Kalesija

In January 2013 Development Association NERDA signed the Memorandum of Understanding together with eight international and local organizations and institutions in order to implement the „Vocational Training and Employment of Blacksmiths, CNC Operators and Mechatronics for the Needs of UNIS TOK Llc Kalesija“ Project. Signatories of this Memorandum were US Agency for International Development (USAID) on behalf of FIRMA Project, NERDA, as well as representatives of the Federal Employment Institute and Tuzla Canton Employment Office, representatives of the Ministry for Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Tuzla Canton, vocational high schools in Tuzla and Kalesija and Municipality of Kalesija as one of co-funding partners of the project.

Overall objective of the project is to establish sustainable model of cooperation with local partners in order to enable vocational training and improvement and emyploment of work force in BiH.

Conditions to implement specific objective of the project which refers to training of up to 100 interested candidates for the needs of UNIS TOK Company in the period of 12 months have been created by signing of the above mentioned Memorandum. In this way up to 100 persons should have their knowledge and skills as CNC operators, blacksmiths and mechatronics improved and find their jobs in UNIS TOK in accordance with development needs and investment dynamics of this company.

“Clustering Knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE Wood Sector – ID:WOOD” Project

Project “Clustering Knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE Wood Sector - ID:WOOD” is financed through the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme. Development Association NERDA is the leading partner for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of Tuzla Canton is the partner in this project. Project is implemented with support of partners from 9 different countries: 6 EU members (Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italia, Romania, Slovenia) and 3 non EU members (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia).

Overall objective of ID: WOOD project is to encourage innovations and competitiveness of small and medium entrepreneurship in the wood sector in South-East Europe through transfer of technical and organizational knowhow enabling the local organization and institutionalization of support (wood clusters, wood technology centers and regional development agencies) for solving structural deficits of small and medium enterprises and increasing innovation potentials of production sector. Specific objectives of the Project are: construction and development of transnational network of clusters in wood-furniture industry, wood technology centers, RDAs and pillars of knowledge (universities, centers for industrial design etc.); encouragement of innovation skills in support structures of wood sector.

Project duration is from October 2012 to October 2014.

Project Newsletter is available in the Publications Section.

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implemented projects

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