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Development Association NERDA acts a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, and is responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development. Activities are directed towards building a strong region through mobilization of internal as well as external resources with the aim to improve living standard and competitiveness of the regional economy, in the country as well as in the Western Balkans.

NERDA became operational on 01 January 2005 and currently has the head office in Tuzla and coordinators for the sub-regions of: Semberija, Birač and Posavina.

NERDA's Mission is: The unique purpose of the Development Association NERDA is to stimulate economic development of the NE region of BiH by managing strategic development, and to be a tool in the hands of people, businesses, NGOs, and governments that jointly work on poverty reduction, economic sustainability and stability of the NE region and entire BiH.

NERDA’s Vision is: NERDA is the leading organization in socio-economic development of the region, supporting self-sustainable and harmonized development by creating better working and living conditions and perspective for all.

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28.04.2021 - One more project SUCCESS Workshop was held

Last week was productive with one more meeting for SUCCESS Work Package 1, organized by University of Novi Sad. The agenda included presentations of models of SUCCESSful practices of University-Enterprise cooperation from Poland, Germany, Spain and Serbia. Second part of the meeting included Western Balkan Countries (WBC) presenting the results of the surveys they conducted with universities and companies to screen the existing models of relationship. This enabled SUCCESS in understanding the variety of interactions that are possible between universities and companies; different stakeholders in these relationships; the motivation for collaboration; and identification of characteristics of people and leaders who could initiate, encourage, and be engaged towards SUCCESSful University Enterprise cooperation. The outputs of this workshop should lead towards the recommended framework and activities that would be adopted by WBC universities and embedded in their strategy. With overall aim devoted to education of students and increasing their employability together with the professional environment.
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23.04.2021 - Meeting of Pannonia-Adria Connection PA.CON held

This Thursday, the third meeting of the partners on the project #Panonskojadranskaveza PA was held via the online Zoom platform. CON, conducted within the framework of Interreg IPA CBC Croatia Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro 2014 2020. The meeting discussed the activities carried out so far as well as the plan for the upcoming period.
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23.04.2021 - Meeting of NERDA employees with the Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Trebinje - TREDEA

Representatives of the Association for Development NERDA visited the Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Trebinje - TREDEA as part of their visit to eastern Herzegovina. At this meeting, representatives of both institutions presented the projects they are currently working on and exchanged previous experiences with various donors, especially in the sectors of agriculture and tourism. Potential cooperation on current and future development projects has been agreed, from which both regions could benefit.
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21.04.2021 - Minister Hodžić held a meeting with the Development Association NERDA Tuzla

In order to strengthen financial support to small and medium enterprises in the Tuzla Canton, the Minister of Economy of the Tuzla Canton, Mevludin Hodžić, held meeting with the Director of the Association for the Development of NERDA Tuzla, Enes Drljević. The meeting focused on the discussion on cooperation prospects between the institution and the future plans in strengthening the Guarantee Fund. Which provides assistance to small and medium enterprises from Tuzla Canton The meeting was an opportunity to reflect on the results of the previous cooperation of the Ministry of Economy with the Development Association NERDA in implementation of partner projects and activities with strong affirmation of the continued cooperation.

Development Association NERDA is a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development.


Address: M. i Ž. Crnogorčevića br. 5 75000 Tuzla - Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel: +387 35 369 900
Fax: +387 35 369 903

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