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Development Association NERDA acts a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, and is responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development. Activities are directed towards building a strong region through mobilization of internal as well as external resources with the aim to improve living standard and competitiveness of the regional economy, in the country as well as in the Western Balkans.

NERDA became operational on 01 January 2005 and currently has the head office in Tuzla and coordinators for the sub-regions of: Semberija, Birač and Posavina.

NERDA's Mission is: The unique purpose of the Development Association NERDA is to stimulate economic development of the NE region of BiH by managing strategic development, and to be a tool in the hands of people, businesses, NGOs, and governments that jointly work on poverty reduction, economic sustainability and stability of the NE region and entire BiH.

NERDA’s Vision is: NERDA is the leading organization in socio-economic development of the region, supporting self-sustainable and harmonized development by creating better working and living conditions and perspective for all.

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18.09.2018 - Final Conference of the Project "Posavina Employment Partnership"

As part of the project "Posavina Employment Partnership (LPZ)", funded by the European Union under the "Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina", implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the final conference of the project took place in Orašje today. It was an opportunity for the project team to present the results achieved to around 50 participants of the conference. Main results of the project are: (1) three programs of professional training for unemployed persons realized in the Secondary Vocational School Orašje; (2) a total of 39 unemployed persons trained for 3 deficient vocations: CNC operator, carpenter and butcher; (3) about 15 new jobs created in Posavina area; (4) Enhanced capacities of the Secondary Vocational School of Orašje for the realization of Vocational Training by procurement of computer equipment and a CNC Machine; (5) Strengthened partnership of local labor market actors to create job opportunities; (6) developed Labor Market Analysis of Posavina County with Recommendations for Improvement of Enrollment Policy. The speakers at the conference were: the Mayor of Orašje Municipality, the Posavina County Employment Service Director, and the Director of the NERDA Development Association. The project has been jointly implemented by the NERDA Association with the partners over the last 15 months: Orašje Municipality, Posavina County Employment Service, Orašje Vocational School and Companies: NEXUS BH, SKELE COMERC and PRIMA VIP.
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14.09.2018 - Donation of Company PRIMA VIP

A donation of meat products to the Association of Disabled Persons "ROAD TO LIFE" took place today in ORašje. The met products were donated by the company PRIMA VIP d.o.o. which partnered with the Association for Development of NERDA in the implementation of the project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina". Namely, the PRIMA VIP company is one of the beneficiaries of the project, through which the unemployed persons get the opportunity for retraining and employment, and the PRIMA VIP company hired the persons trained for the vocation of butcher. As the company received support through the project, financed by the European Union, they decided to express their good will and donate meat products to the beneficiaries of the Association, which gathers about 150 disabled children. The joy of the employees and beneficiaries of the Association was shared with representatives of NERDA and PRIMA VIP.
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05.09.2018 - The fifth meeting of the project team in Orašje

The fifth and final meeting of the project team implementing the project "Partnership for Employment in Posavina" funded by the European Union, took place in Orašje on 05 September 2018. At the meeting the team performed an overview of realized activities, agreed on the term and program of the final conference of the project, and prepared for the external evaluation of the project. This was an opportunity for the project team to reflect on the results and effects of the project, and to discuss possible new projects.
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31.07.2018 - Presentation of USADI WHAM project

Today, in Development Association NERDA premises is organized presentation of USADI WHAM project public call oriented on small and medium enterprises from metal processing, wood processing and textile, leather and shoes economic sectors. Public call is open till September 12, 2018.

Development Association NERDA is a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development.


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