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Development Association NERDA acts a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, and is responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development. Activities are directed towards building a strong region through mobilization of internal as well as external resources with the aim to improve living standard and competitiveness of the regional economy, in the country as well as in the Western Balkans.

NERDA became operational on 01 January 2005 and currently has the head office in Tuzla and coordinators for the sub-regions of: Semberija, Birač and Posavina.

NERDA's Mission is: The unique purpose of the Development Association NERDA is to stimulate economic development of the NE region of BiH by managing strategic development, and to be a tool in the hands of people, businesses, NGOs, and governments that jointly work on poverty reduction, economic sustainability and stability of the NE region and entire BiH.

NERDA’s Vision is: NERDA is the leading organization in socio-economic development of the region, supporting self-sustainable and harmonized development by creating better working and living conditions and perspective for all.

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12.09.2017 - Public Call to Unemployed Persons to participate in Vocational Training Programs

As part of the EU-funded Project “Partnership for Employment in Posavina” the Public Call to unemployed persons for participation in the Vocational Training Programs was launched and published today. The Call is aimed at the unemployed persons registered with the Posavina Canton Employment Service inviting them to participate in Vocational Training for vocations: carpenter, CNC operator and butcher. This Call targets unemployed persons with high school degrees with the following priorities: young persons (up to 30 years of age), women, persons of 45+ age, disabled persons, social welfare beneficiaries, and other marginalized population that are unemployed. The deadline for application is 12 October 2017 while complete text of the Call is available at and
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08.09.2017 - The Committee for preparation of Public Call held a meeting today

The Committee for preparation of the Public Call for the unemployed persons to apply for the Programs of vocational training held a meeting in Orašje today. Representatives of institutions implementing the EU-funded Project „Partnership for Employment in Posavina“ defined the Public call content on the basis of experience, data collected from future employers, and on curricula. The objective of the Vocational Training Programs is to have the unemployed persons gain the knowledge and skills need to get jobs, while the project plan is to have 30 persons trained for carpenter, 30 trained for butcher and 5 trained for CNC operator. The Call will be published in media next week.
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30.08.2017 - Kick-off conference for the Project “Partnership for Employment in Posavina” held in Orašje today

The kick-off conference for the Project “Partnership for Employment in Posavina” took place in Orašje today. Th Project is funded by the European Union through the Program “Support to Local Employment Partnerships in BiH”, implemented by the International Labor Organization. The implementing agency for this Project is NERDA, while the partners are: Orašje Municipality, Employment Service of Posavina County, Secondary Vocational School Orašje and companies: NEXUS BH, SKELE COMERC and PRIMA VIP. The public was presented with the project and the results expected t be achieved over the upcoming 14 months, namely: creation of 30 new jobs and professional training of min. 40 unemployed persons for the vocational titles of: carpenter, CNC operator and butcher. Over 50 actors on the labor market attended the today's conference.
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18.08.2017 - Opportunity for BiH businesses - Public Call under the "Diaspora for Development" Project

As of early August 2017 the Public Call for Proposals for Companies from BIH to Apply for Grants Facilitating the Knowledge and Skills Transfer from Diaspora within the Diaspora for Development (D4D) Project has been opened. The Call for Proposals is to support projects aimed to contribute to the introduction of new technologies, improving of competitiveness, market growth, business expansion, investment increase in BIH and generating new jobs, all through productive business relations with diaspora. The Public Call remains open until all funds are disbursed and more details and application package are available at

Development Association NERDA is a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development.


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