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Development Association NERDA acts a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, and is responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development. Activities are directed towards building a strong region through mobilization of internal as well as external resources with the aim to improve living standard and competitiveness of the regional economy, in the country as well as in the Western Balkans.

NERDA became operational on 01 January 2005 and currently has the head office in Tuzla and coordinators for the sub-regions of: Semberija, Birač and Posavina.

NERDA's Mission is: The unique purpose of the Development Association NERDA is to stimulate economic development of the NE region of BiH by managing strategic development, and to be a tool in the hands of people, businesses, NGOs, and governments that jointly work on poverty reduction, economic sustainability and stability of the NE region and entire BiH.

NERDA’s Vision is: NERDA is the leading organization in socio-economic development of the region, supporting self-sustainable and harmonized development by creating better working and living conditions and perspective for all.

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06.04.2018 - Certificates awarded to unemployed persons in Orašje

As part of the project "Employment Partnership in Posavina" funded by the European Union under the "Support to Local Employment Partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina" Program, implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Certificates Award Ceremony was hosted in the Secondary Vocational School in Orašje. The Certificates were awarded to the unemployed persons who have attended vocational training programs in the past months. Namely, for the needs of known employers, unemployed persons attended vocational training for the following vocations: CNC operator, carpenter, and butcher. Three training programs were attended by 39 unemployed persons from Posavina County. The most successful candidates will get a chance to become employed, and 11 of them have already started working.
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02.04.2018 - Meeting with Tuzla Canton Minister of Economy

In order to strengthen financial support for small and medium enterprises in the territory of Tuzla Canton, the Director of NERDA and the Coordinator of the Guarantee Fund for SMEs visited the Ministry of Economy of the Tuzla Canton today. In addition to the activities carried out in the past period, the topic of today's meeting was the plan of future cooperation between the institutions and the strengthening of the NERDA Guarantee Fund. On this occasion, it was emphasised that the Guarantee Fund for 10 years of its existence in cooperation with the Government of Tuzla Canton has provided support to businesses from the Tuzla Canton. The Guarantee Fund provides incentives to SMEs for their development and creation of jobs.
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30.03.2018 - Conference "Social Accountability, Monitoring and Evaluation in Public Enterprises and Institutions in the City of Tuzla"

Within the "Increasing the articipation of citizens in the evaluation and monitoring of the public enterprises in the City of Tuzla" - Urban Partnership Program II financed by the World Bank and the Austrian Government, a final conference was held presenting the report that was the result of previous activities and analysis of evaluation and monitoring of the work of public enterprises and institutions in the city of Tuzla. Some recommendations for improving the work as well as comments and suggestions of the representatives of public enterprises and institutions were given. The conference was organized by the project partners: City of Tuzla, Association for Research and Social Innovation ADT and Development Association NERDA.
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20.03.2018 - The Management Board of NERDA held a regular session

The Management Board of the Development Association NERDA held its 60th regular session today in Tuzla. The Board acted in full capacity and was informed of the activities that were realised in the period between the two Board sessions. Also, the Management Board adopted the Report on Activities and Financial Report of the Development Association NERDA for the previous year.

Development Association NERDA is a Regional Development Agency for the North-East BiH, responsible for strengthening, coordination and promotion of economic development.


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